Undergraduate Graduation

I started my first day of work on Monday morning, so I've had very little time to blog! Sorry y'all! I'll do better hopefully!

On to graduation festivities! 

I was elected to speak at our graduation reception on Friday. 
Dress: Tommy Hilfiger 

The good parts! Graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing! 

My row was all about the selfies! 

My parents! 

My siblings-Hope & Tyler

My siblings and both sets of grandparents. 

Meet Micah everyone! My very handsome man! Who brought me beautiful flowers! 

Ardleigh Dress (Lobstah Roll): Lilly Pulitzer
Shoes: Ivanka Trump from TJMaxx

My monogrammed decal matched my dress thanks to, Pinky Designs on Etsy! 


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