Rule Breakers {Lilly Pulitzer Style}

You could say that about 75% of my spring and summer wardrobe is Lilly Pulitzer. I just can't resist the adorable bright prints. I bought this Sarasota Tunic in the Rule Breakers print originally for my momma, but after she insisted it was too much and I should take it back, I decided to keep it for myself.
Since it was a size bigger than i usually take, I belted it to give my waist a little shape. Paired with white dress pants it's a professional enough to wear Lilly to work or even just to brunch.

Everyone meet Kelsey! One of my poor co-workers who I convince daily to take the pictures for my blog! Her outfit was too cute not to share today (even if she didn't want her face in it ;-))!

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  1. That's such a great top! I love tunics that I can wear a belt with!