Getting Nauti in Myrtle Beach, SC {DIY Sequin Statement Straw Hat}

These sequin statement straw hats are totally not worth the $400+ that designer versions cost in my opinon. With a little sequin ribbon, hot glue, and a straw hat you have everything you need for a DIY version. The hardest part in all of this project is deciding on a statement for the hat - okay not true, it was a lot tricker getting the ribbon to actually look legible. In fact, my "get" still looks like "jet" but I just got over it after a while.

For those not into getting hot glue all over their fingers, here is a cute option I found that is actually affordable:

I am also super into black one-piece suits right now. They are super chic and love the modest/sexy swim option they provide. Shop some of my favs here:


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