Ruffle Game Strong + Best Ruffle Dresses Under $30! {Summer Style}

Ain't no shame in my game! I love me some ruffles & tassels! With labor day sneaking up on us this weekend, I'm trying to fit in my last chance summer outfits. This ruffle shoulder dress was my favorite when I bought it, yet it's been sitting in my closet for almost two months with tags on it because 1. I have a shopping problem (the first step is admittance, right?) and 2. I just never had a "perfect" occasion to wear it. That's the majority of why things linger in my closet, because I hate wasting cute outfits on boring days. So, for tonight's SIA Spa event (details HERE) the tags finally came off!

The ruffle shoulders have the prettiest, dainty beading detail.

My DIY tassel straw tote (instructions HERE) was the perfect match for this dress.

My Fav Ruffle Dresses Under $30!


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