Best Lipstick Ever or Bust? {LipSense Review}

I had been hearing whispers of LipSense via a few fellow bloggers and was curious on how it worked or if it was as long lasting as they said it was. Luckily for me, Dani Akana via Smudge Free Kisses contacted me to see if  I wanted to try it out.

She sent me the starter kit ($55 retail), which include a color of  your choice, the glossy gloss, and oops remover. The color was so hard to pick since I love switching up my lipstick color on the regular. I ended up going with the Sheer Berry.


In order to get your application perfect you have to apply even layers. This was not difficult for me on the first go-about. I lined my lips with it and applied one swipe under it. My lips were a little tingle-y, but apparently that is normal for newbies to LipSense.
I was super surprised to see that the first coat was super light and sheer. However, with two more coats, the color was perfect. Then I topped it off with the gloss. During this process, I did not need to use the Oops Removal gloss.


Once applied the color does not move or smudge AT ALL! I was so amazed I was showing everyone how awesome it was. The only thing that does come off is the gloss, which doesn't matter because it's clear. Because I was showing everyone it's sorcery, I noticed that my lips became extremely dry.
Dani let me know that this is normal and LipSense works to exfoliate your lips and take off the years of wax buildup. So you may need to use more gloss at first to keep your lips hydrated. Plus the gloss contains Vitamin E and shea butter so it's super good stuff!
My color did in fact hold up all day! It even lasted and looked perfect after working out. Magic I tell you!

I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this product, I can't wait to build up my collection of colors!

If you want to try it out, give  Dani a shout!
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