Lilly Pulitzer January 2017 After Party Sale {Tips for Shopping}

Unless you've been living under a rock or aren't a Lilly Pulitzer fan, you probably already know that tomorrow, 1/5/17, is the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale (past years it was called the New Year Cheer sale).
Lilly only has a sale twice a year so you really don't want to miss this. Plus I've got some tips & tricks for shopping! 
1. Make a list: search prints and styles from about August to November and that is stuff that you might see in the sale. Write your favorite and must haves down. Plus this way, you'll be less tempted to make impulse buys. 
2. Divide and conquer: Get your roommate, sister, mom, or your poor poor boyfriend to help shop the website. Give each other specific items from your list above to search for, and use the size filter to find it faster. 
***Here's my top secret tip!***
Some time today/night, you'll be able to google the items that you can't find just by searching the website. Save them on tabs in your browser and then tomorrow when the sale goes live you can refresh them and already be on the item you want. 
3. Get up EARLY. I'm not talking getting up just to prepare for the sale. A lot of places will go live before Lilly does. For example, Amazon and 6pm usually do. Set alarms sporadically through the night to check if other retailers are live yet.  
4. Don't rely on Lilly to have the cheapest prices. Yes their prices will be heavily discounted and you will still get great deals, but sometimes other retailers like Amazon, 6pm, or signature stores will have some items slightly more discounted. 
5. Shop In Store: After shopping the web sales, head on down to your local L)illy corporate store. I usually hit mine on my lunch break and they always have plenty left and usually have things that sold out online before I could purchase. 

These are some items that I've worn and would expect to see in the sale:

This sweater can be worn as a cardigan or wrapped like this. A Must Have, especially since sweaters are usually more discounted, $ off wise, than other items.

Sophie dresses are my fav. I love the material. I size up for a more looser fit.

This wrap is so pretty and can be paired on top of my dresses. So versatile.

Get Trunky is such a cute print! Kelly pants are a great work option!

Check out my After Party post from earlier this year here where I share what the sale prices look like.


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