Cubicle Makeover {Cute & Chic Cube DIY}

I spend 40 hours a week working in my cubicle. I would much rather spend those forty hours in a place that's pretty and inspires creativity.

My cubicle before was boring and messy. Full of lots of grey and lots of random papers/info tacked to the walls. When I first started working in a cube, I made a mediocre attempt to decorate with pictures hung via string & paper clips and cute office supplies I accumulated along the way. Finally, I couldn't stand looking at my cube any longer.


See, I told you - hot mess.


Gold Frames: Dollar Tree

I was planning to hang these frames with 3M Command Strips, but those are so expensive. So instead I created a DIY "cubicle nail" (I should trademark this) with a paper clip. You basically unfold a paper clip and form it into a picture hanger (curved up at the end) & then stick it in the fabric wall and hang your picture. Easy peasy & cheap! The white framed cork boards were found in the dollar section at the front of Target for $3 each. They make hanging necessary work notes cute!

Magazine Files: Target // Picture Frames: TJ Maxx // /Succulent Plant: Michaels (Target one even cuter)

If you look in the before picture my notebooks were in the left corner but didn't look tidy. I also previously used space for a tray to hold random papers. I finally looked into a corner desk organizer, but they were all like forty bucks. So I realized that these magazine files would serve the same purpose and got them for $5 each at Target. The small gold frames were a yellow clearance sticker steal from T.J. Maxx marked down from $3 for the set from $12.99. 

Lamp: Target // Mirrored Pencil cup: T.J. Maxx // Mirrored Desk Organizer: HomeGoods 
This lamp is my favorite. You can touch it anywhere and it turns on.

Gold Stripe & Polka Dot File Folders: Hobby Lobby (Kate Spade ones here for $16!)

Polka Dot Acrylic Desk Organizer: Hobby Lobby // Rose Gold Stapler: T.J. Maxx // Acrylic Tape Dispenser: WalMart  (Get this stapler/tape set)// Rose Gold Binder Clips: Marshalls

Hope you feel inspired to give your cube a little make-over! 

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