Hello February {5 Things I'm Committing To This Month + Monthly Wishlist }

Can you believe it's February?! I feel I was just planning for Christmas yesterday. I need time to slow the heck the down. Between my normal 9 to 5 job, basketball recruiting in the evenings, blogging, and my real life, it's hard to find a balance. Or at least those are the excuses I keep using.

So now I'm going to start putting the 5 things I'm committing to each month on the internet for the world to see.

  1. 20 Work Outs 
  2. Do Blog Planning Every Sunday
  3. Make My Bed Every Morning
  4. Spend Less Than $30 on Clothes
  5. Lose 6 Pounds
Don't worry, I'll report on my successes or failures at the first of next month as well. 

In addition to sharing my commitments with y'all every month, I'm also going to share my current wishlist of any and everything. With February being the month of love, I'm definitely having a pink moment in my wishlist (okay fine, every month I'm having a pink moment).

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  1. Oh Kayla you look lovely and I do like your red Wellingtons,they would also look good with a Skirt in town.