Hello March {March Goals + Wishlist & Feb. Goals Results}

Happy March to ya readers! Do you check the first post of this series in Feburary? No, read here.

In Febuary I made 5 goals. Here's how I ended up.

Feb Goals:
  1. 20 Work Outs : well we started off with a really good college try. But in the whole month of Feburary I managed a lousy 7 workouts. 
  2. Do Blog Planning Every Sunday : Two Sunday's is close, right? The planning may not have contributed to many blog posts, but was able to decicate Sundays to brainstorming and organizing. It's a good start nonetheless. 
  3. Make My Bed Every Morning : hahaha. This is funny. It probably lasted maybe 6 days. 
  4. Spend Less Than $30 on Clothes : I was doing sooooooo good for about 1/2 the month. Then I got two $10 FinishLine coupons and Mama needed a new pair of shoes. 
  5. Lose 6 Pounds : Because #1 didn't go as planned this wasn't near as successful. I weighed in this morning and lost 2 pounds. 
Here's to a new month & new goals! 

March Goals: 
  1. Schedule out Instagram Posts with specific times 
  2. Spend Less Than $50 on Clothes ($20 more...I can do it!)
  3. Lose 5 pounds (Gotta start shedding for the (brother's) wedding)
  4. Eat out no more than twice a week (I eat out A LOT)
  5. Work on Beau's training every day(My dog's got some improvements to make) 
March Wishlist

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