Hello April {April Goals + Wishlist & March Goals Results}

Holy crap it's April! Anyone else feel like March was a serious whirlwind?
So now it's April 10th, and I'm just now recapping my previous goals and setting new ones for April (better late than never right?!)

March Goals Results: 

  1. Schedule out Instagram Posts with specific times.
    • Whoo! A goal for the month I accomplished! This was a game changer and made posting much easier. 
  2. Spend Less Than $50 on Clothes ($20 more...I can do it!)
    • I spent........$249.38 on clothes this month............Dillard's clearance outlet is the devil. How do I pass up buy one, get two free shoe sale?! Also, my full price Dillard's store had North Face for 65% off, so I bought two vests and a sweatshirt for under $100. Sales get me every time. 
  3. Lose 5 pounds (Gotta start shedding for the (brother's) wedding
    • I lost 8 pounds! BOOM! Another goal accomplished.
  4. Eat out no more than twice a week (I eat out A LOT
    • I  was successful during 3 weeks of the month, but ate out 5 times during one week..
  5. Work on Beau's training every day(My dog's got some improvements to make) 
    • Beau has gotten better, but definitely slacked off on training toward the middle of the month. 

Here's to a new month & new goals!

April Goals:

  1. Schedule out Blog Posts for the month & with date deadlines
  2. Reorganize Mint.com budget & be accountable to it! 
  3. Get to my first goal weight - only 4 more pounds to go! 
  4. Try Something New
  5. Go for at least one walk each day

April Wishlist:


  1. Dang you kicked butt this month! I need to start doing this, I'm so bad about staying ahead of schedule with blogging.

  2. I can barely schedule posts a few days in advance, let alone a month. Props to you! Lol