Hello May {May Goals + Wishlist & April Goals Results}

Because this never gets old and I can't think of a better way to start off this May's post...

April Goals Results: 

  1. Schedule out Blog Posts for the month & with date deadlines
    • Did I even remember that this goal was a thing? Nope. 
  2. Reorganize Mint.com budget & be accountable to it! 
    • I did reorganize it. & it did review it at times. & I did spend less than I have been this month....we'll call it a win. 
  3. Get to my first goal weight - only 4 more pounds to go!
    • See what happened was...Easter...and baseball season...and....Fail. 
  4. Try something new 
    • I  feel like I did a few new things this month, but the one that sticks out is that I went to a concert by myself and that was definitely something new for me. 
  5. Go for at least one walk each day 
    • I did about a 65% job on this one. The middle of the month kicked my booty and I let it slide by. 

May Goals:
  1. Spend as little as possible on food. I have so much food at the house and always seem to make an argument for eating out. 
  2. Keep my house clean. I've been going on a week strong! 
  3. Start running again! Time to get into long distance running shape again. 
  4. Blog more. I'm gonna leave the "more" part vague intentionally :)
  5. Lose 5 pounds. Yep...this goal's back. 
May Wishlist:
  • The cutest mermaid doormat
  • Heels that go with everything and have scallops!
  • If heels aren't your thing, I love these scallops flats
  • I'm on a big espadrille kick. Love these striped ones. 
  • This clutch screams Cinco De Mayo, love it! 
  • This pink gingham blazer will be on the blog next week, but shop it now before it sells out!
  • Lilly's new arrivals have me swooning. Love this dress that's under $100. 
  • You're gonna want to snag these tie waist bow shorts. I know they'll sell out too! 


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