Long Live the Loafer {Preppy Looks for Summer}

Do you use the word “summer” as a verb? Have you ever been boating off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard? Is your name Buffy? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you probably don’t have to read this post. For everyone else who’s not quite sure how to pull off the quintessential “preppy” look this summer, keep reading. Your world is about to get a lot neater. 

1. Color Me Navy
Nothing says “preppy” better than a classic navy and white ensemble. Whether you’re lunching by the beach or chatting it up at a garden party, you can’t go wrong with a preppy dress complimented nicely by a simple string of pearls. Charmed, we’re sure.  

2. Gingham Style
Not to be confused with the “dance” (and we use that term loosely), gingham is a checkered pattern that screams prep. You usually see it in classic blues and reds with white, though the checks themselves run the gambit in sizes. We suggest keeping the checks small and blue, otherwise you might get confused for a picnic table (and potato salad doesn’t look good on anyone).

3. These Shoes Were Made for Boating
Boat shoes aren’t just for boating anymore – though if you know you’re going to find yourself on a boat it’s probably a good idea to pack a pair. This casual footwear is like a penny loafer but on vacation (it’s no easy feat being shoes filled by you).

Gone are the days of basic beige – after all, the open seas are a vibrant place and your stylish tootsies deserve no less. Available in a variety of styles, we’re sure you’ll find the right ones to pair with your favorite chinos. Now who’s ready for a clambake?

4. She Wears Short Chinos
Ok, not too short (this isn’t Preppy Girls Gone Wild after all) but the style doesn’t really allow for those almost-capris-but-we-swear-they’re-shorts look. Give the illusion of long legs (or work the ones the Almighty gave you) and invest in a few pairs of this summertime staple.

It’s always a good idea to have some solid colors – like navy (duh) or a dark green or khaki, but don’t be afraid of letting a little bit of color into your life (and onto your booty). Think coral or aqua for a little touch of the rainbow connection. Or, if you’re feeling daring, try pairing your favorite white button down with a patterned chino like paisley floral or a gingham pattern (see what we did there).

5. Stripes!
Ok, we know your mom warned you about wearing stripes but we promise this is a style that can pull it off (no jail bird looks here). The classic blue and white stripes are hard to escape when it comes to preppy attire so you might as well join in the fun.

A pinstriped button down is a simple way to add a little illusion to your wardrobe. Feeling bold? Try a pair of striped chinos or a sundress that flirts with the beach town staple. The only rule to stick to? Pair your stripes with solids and you’ll be in the clear (at least where fashion is concerned).

6. Feeling Nautical??

We dare you to spend your time gazing at sailboats all day and not want to cover your body in images of cute little whales, big red lobsters and all things sailing. We’re not telling you to go out and buy a sweater with an anchor on it (though, Taylor Swift has one so you know, you totally can). But a fun nautical pattern on a sundress or pair of shorts is a good addition to any summer wardrobe.

7. Your Day in the Sundresses
Chinos and boat shoes don’t get to have all of the fun this summer. Remember to include some cute and comfy sundresses into your rotation this season. To stay in step with the preppy style, keep the patterns simple like gingham, stripes or good old navy.

Looking for a little more pep? Try brighter solid colors like coral or teal accentuated with a thin belt for that added preppy nod. Pair your frock of choice with a simple cardigan (for those chilly, romantic nights) and you’re ready for wherever the day (and night) may take you.

8. Sweater Weather
Summer days are only as good as summer nights and by that we mean you best dress in layers on the beach. Lucky for you, no other style rocks the layering look as well as prep. Keep your favorite cardigan at hand in shades of navy or white and always be prepared for those early morning boat rides and strolls on the beach.

9. When in Doubt Wear White
It’s not always easy finding the right occasion for those beautiful white jeans hanging in your closet, yearning for their day in the sun. Take them for a spin this summer and let them elevate your classic look to a whole new level.

Perfect with a basic blue button down or with wedges and a sleeveless top, white denim is super easy to dress up or down depending on what new fabulous adventure demands your attention. Just make sure yours aren’t any longer than ankle length. We don’t want all those barefoot moonlit nights in the sand ruining your spotless style.  

10. Accessorize with Style
No need to bring on the bling when trying to accessorize this look. Keep jewelry scarce when dressing up your casual look. A simple strand of pearls or gold studs can do a lot to class up your everyday attire. Also don’t forget that belts and totes do a lot for a look when you’re trying to tie your thought-out fashion statement together.

Invest in a bold tote for your summer adventures, like a vibrant stripe or nautical pattern. You’ll be surprised how easy it will be to mix and match with all of your new favorite pieces. 


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