Hello June {June Goals + Wishlist & May Goals Results}

Well this post is 5 days late, but I still think it's important for me to see where I stacked up against last month's goals and set new ones.

May Goals Results:

  1. Spend as little as possible on food. I have so much food at the house and always seem to make an argument for eating out. 
    • According to my mint.com budget I spent $207.85 on food this month. That is mind blowing.... like what did I even buy?!
  2. Keep my house clean. 
    • I ended the month with a clean house so I'll consider this a win. 
  3. Start running again! Time to get into long distance running shape again. 
    • I started walking Beau almost every day so this is basically the intro to running course. 
  4. Blog more. I'm gonna leave the "more" part vague intentionally :)
    • Killed this goal! I blogged quite a bit this month. 
  5. Lose 5 pounds. Yep...this goal's back.
    • If you measure from the first of May to the end, I lost exactly 1 pound. But from May 18th to the end of the month, I lost 6.2 pounds. I'm calling it a success. 

June Goals:

  1. Get in 10,000 steps every day.
  2. Keep my house clean This energerigized me so much last month that it's here again.
  3. Lose 5 pounds. Slowly making progress toward my goal weight.  
  4. Get Beau's weight down. Beau is sooo overweight, hopefully the walking and weight management dog food help. 
  5. Get a good tan ;-) 

June Wishlist:


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