Fort Lauderdale, Florida {Vacation Style}

I'm not a newbie to the Ft. Lauderdale scene, in fact it's my go-to place for for last minute cheap beach getaways. My mom and I booked a trip two weeks out for under $250/person (including airfare)!

It was so good to soak up some sunshine and just not be at work for a few days! 

Flight: We flew down on Frontier Airlines. My personal favorite because I always get super cheap fares as a Den Deals member. We flew round trip for $130. Crazy good deal. Their fare prices include just the basics. No checked luggage, no carry on baggage, additional fees for seat assignments..etc. The trick for me is to pack everything in a "personal item". Since a backpack is a personal you can fit so much more than you think! Combine that with using space bags to maximize space and I can pack 10 outfits in a personal item. Seriously, I've done it before. Then you can opt out of choosing a seat assignment and have one chosen for you.

Hotel: When I'm beach vacationing, close access to the beach is a non-negotiable for me. I want to be on the beach or at most the row behind it. I had picked out a fabulous boutique hotel for us to stay in, but my mom was hung up on getting a hotel with a breakfast included. I'm glad she did! It saved us $$$ by only eating "brunch" and not paying for lunches while we were there.
We ended up staying at the Best Western Plus Oceanside Inn. A Priceline super deal for under $100 a night. The rooms were cute and turquoise and the beach was just around the corner of the building so I was sold. 

Food: We didn't try as many restaurants as I would've liked. However, we hit a home run with Rocco's Tacos. They had the best quesadilla I've ever had and they were reasonably priced. I highly recommend. 


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