Open Back Sweater + Cute Bralette {Fall Favorite}

Who knew that showing off our bras would be a trend? With all the pretty bralette choices in stores now, I'm a fan. I'm also an even bigger fan of open back sweaters. They are the perfect combination of comforty and flirty.

I picked up mine twist open back sweater at my favorite clothing re-sale thrift shop - Clothes Mentor. It was $13 and it's just too easy to throw on and go.

Top 5 Flirty Back Sweaters To Add To Your Wardrobe:
1. If you love cashmere and have a flexible budget - this bow back sweater is amazing!
2. The perfect color for fall and only $20
3. This sweater may be $440 (holy crap), but it's gorgeous! Check it out
4. For $14, you can't beat this deal
5. Seriously check this sweater out! It's got a peplum ruffle in the back and it's still open! 

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