Kayla's Story:

I have my mother and my grandmother to blame for my fashion addiction. My mother always jokes that from the time I was born, I never wore the same thing twice.

Fast forward 20-some years, and my budget doesn't allow for that now. However, I have tried to hold to the rule that I never wear the same thing, the same way, twice. 

Who is Kayla Parsley?

I'm a young professional - Group Account Executive for the Cincinnati Reds to be specific.
I'm small town, southern girl at heart who was raised in Kentucky. Go Wildcats!
 I love listening to my father preach on Sundays (yes, that makes me "The Preacher's Daughter").
I like my nails always painted.
I enjoy searching stores for deals and bargins.
I'm always up for a little DIY project.
I am an avid coffee drinker and donut eater.
Oh, and I have a cute dog named Beau.

You'll find a little bit from all of the above on my blog! I hope you enjoy reading and don't forget to follow me on Instagram, you'll always get the first look there! Thanks for stopping by!